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Exclusive Metrics: Studio DataSync

Only ViewTrender can give you access to the full array of YouTube Metrics! These metrics are found in Studio but not available via YouTube's Analytics API. However, We can deliver them to you via our API!

  • Thumbnail Click Thru Rate and Impressions
  • New & Returning Viewers
  • Average Views Per Viewer
  • and more...

Unleash the power of all your YouTube Analytics!

API Integration: Your Data, Your Way!

Take control of your YouTube data with our API. It's your data, your insights – all at your fingertips.

  • Customized Data Access
  • Serverless Infrastructure
  • Seamless Collaboration

Tailor your YouTube analytics experience by integrating Viewtrender's API into your preferred tools, dashboards, or applications. Extract the exact data you need to inform your content strategies.

Deep-Dive into Your YouTube Analytics

The ViewTrender Chrome extension rigorously extracts analytics, unavailable from YouTube's Analytics API, from YouTube Studio and securely sends it to your dedicated space on our servers. Venture beyond the surface, explore the unexplored, and channel these data streams to sculpt unparalleled content strategies that resonate and captivate!

  • Continuous backup and integration
  • Analytics & video metadata storage
  • Unlimited API Access
  • Secure and Private

Avoid the headache of YouTube's Analytics Quotas!

Designed for business teams like yours

Controlled User Access: Empower Your Team! Define user privileges and share data securely. Collaborate effortlessly with freelancers, agencies, or your in-house team.

Viewtrender Studio DataSync™

Perfect for single or multichannel creators/agencies

$99 /month /channel
  • Analytics Backup & Storage
  • 24/7 API Access
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customized Data Access
  • Granular API User Permissions
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Advanced YouTube Metrics

Analytics Unique to Viewtrender - Gain new insights

Metric Viewtrender
Thumbnail click thru rate (CTR)
Thumbnail impressions (Impressions)
Unique viewers
Average views per viewer
New viewers
Returning viewers

* Current developing a solution for these unique to Studio metrics

Traffic Sources Viewtrender
Thumbnail click thru rate (CTR)
Thumbnail Impressions (Impressions)
Watch time
Average view duration

Traffic Sources include: Advertising, annotation, campaign cards, endscreens, external urls, hashtags, embedded, other, notification, playlist, product page, promoted, suggested (related), shorts, sound page, subscribers, channel page, playlist page, YouTube search.

Note not all traffic sources show thumbnail impressions or click thru rates

View full list of youtube traffic sources here.